Web Analytics: An Hour A Day (Book Review)

January 10, 2011 — Leave a comment

First of three books I’ve read on web analytics (the other two are – “Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics” and “Web Analytics 2.0″ – reviews coming soon). The author of this book is Avinash Kaushik – Analytics Evangelist for Google, frequent speaker on web analytics related conferences and  author of two books.

Web analytics is interconnected to other areas of web such as SEO, PPC, email marketing and other – it was a great surprise to see that  the author has written about each one of those making this book both broad and deep.

The first two chapters are a great introduction to the world of web analytics – the evolution and different methods of data collection – great for those building up their knowledge from ground zero. Author in this book talks much about Trinity mindset – a framework for creating a sustainable web analytics strategy (more about Trinity mindset in author’s blog post).

“With each passing day, more and more companies are coming to realize the Web is the most effective nonhuman sales drive, the best source of customer learning and feedback, and the most effective purchase channel.”

When reading the book you can “feel” that most if not all the things author writes are from his own experience and therefore the information is presented in a very practical way. What this book will not teach you is the ability to use some specific tool – this I consider to be the strength of this book, because the book offers a wider view on anaytics (there is no perfect fits-all tool) – rather than introducing (read – promoting) a specific tool and looking at web analytics through the functionality of this specific tool.

“… 10/90 rule: 10 percent of the budget should be spent on tools, and 90 percent spent on people (brains) who will be responsible for insights.”

Author writes in a very engaging way and offers both pros and cons to each method or approach. If you are considering to work in web analytics you’ll find many wonderful insights about both  industry and job nuances – more information about this can be found in his second book – “Web Analytics 2.0″ (review coming soon).

Overall score- 4.75 stars (out of 5):
Applicability – 4 star
Innovation – 5 stars
Style – 5 stars
Value for money – 5 stars

More information about the book:
website: www.webanalyticshour.com
bookstore: amazon.co.uk – web analytics: an hour a day